The GB Quick launch plugin gives you the most simple way to showcase a lot of information in a small space. It helps you promote products and important parts of your website while also providing the easiest access to the contact details. One main Icom holds all the information, the user will hover the icon and will have a display of other icons, each of those can be a URL, a shortcode, content, a promotion to one of your products, a social media or anything else you see fit to promote.
There are design options,  

It is mobile-friendly and RTL-supported.

What does it do?

1 main button, when the user hovers over it other buttons/icons appear. 

Buttons/Icons have many functionalities:

  • Content: insert any text/image/background and basically any content you like. The content is displayed in a “display window” The basic design of the display window: You can choose a background color, the color, and the size of the contour line. The size of the window will remain the same with an option of an inner scroll.
  • Shortcode: the Shortcode option is similar to the content option only it contains the Shortcode in the display window. Recommended for Contact forms.
  • Inner Link: Choose any link in your website (You can use this option to promote certain products posts or any page on your website).
  • URL: as the inner link option this allows you to promote certain content only this option is for links outside your website.
  • Social Media: insert any Social Media by using your page's name. (there are instructions in each Social Media to find your page's name) If you have any trouble with this – you can simply use the URL option.

What do I need to do and how to do it?

Main icon settings:

Navigate to GB Quick launch “Settings” to manage the main icon.
The “Main icon” option allows you to choose an image from your Media and make it your main icon.The main icon is the one that is seen on the screen (the other icons show up as you hover the main icon).
We recommend you use a 50px/50px image for your main and other icons.
The “Positioning” option allows you to determine where the main icon will be located on the screen.

All other icons settings:

Navigate to the GB Quick launch CPT on your WP dashboard menu.
Each post will represent a button/icon which will appear as the user hovers the main icon. 
In the post list, you will see the headline, type of button, and icon.

To add a new icon/button:
  • Click the “Add new” option
  • insert  your headline
  • Choose the type of the button in the “Quick launch  button” Metabox, some types of buttons require you to insert content in the WP content box (see more info about the button types in “features”)
  • Choose if you want your button to appear in the Desktop q mobile view (or both desktop and mobile)
  • Choose the icon/button image in the “Featured image” box.
  • Don't forget to “Publish” or “Update”.

WordPress Capabilities

Requires at least: 5.5v

Tested up to: 6.0.1v

Stable tag: 6.0.1v